Regex between quotes without quotes

So that when i give "Anton'y" it should be pass similarly for double as well. How I can build this pattern in java? Please clarify. Andrea, www. Ulf Dittmer wrote: I interpret the double quotes in Rithanya's post merely as delimiters for the purposes of this post Forum: Java in General. Rithanya Laxmi. Andrea Binello.

Extract only text between quotes of a string

I like First, you should clarify which regex you want to create, to be specific, what should "match" exactly. Single quotes and double quotes are not special characters in regex however double quotes must be escaped in string literals. For example, the following code finds a text in double quotes, where the text can contain single quotes: import java. Winston Gutkowski. Simple answer: With difficulty. Quoted strings are not the sort of thing that regexes are very good at because they involve embedded logic.

There are also several other wrinkles that make them difficult to parse as a regex pattern: They work in pairs.

They can be embedded. They can be escaped. It's possible that you may be able to come up with a pattern, but it's likely to be nasty. One possibility: Choose one particular quote - let's say " - and replace all OTHER quotes in both your source and target strings with it; and then run your pattern match. Then you'd be matching from your example "Anton"y" with something like: Say "hello" to "Anton"y" which would then be a straight match.Many times when you're parsing text you find yourself needing to split strings on a comma character or new lines, tabs, etc.

An example of this could be a large number. So maybe we'd have a string like this:. One way to solve this problem is to put quotes around the string that shouldn't be split.

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So our example from above would then look like this:. So now to split on this we'll need to create a regex string that says "split on all comma characters unless it's in between quotes".

This regex string uses what's called a "positive lookahead" to check for quotation marks without actually matching them. To practice, try looking at the regex we gave and see if you can modify it to split on a different character, like a semicolon. If that was easy, try modifying it so it needs to see two quotation marks on each side of the string.

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What regex will return the values enclosed in the quotation marks e. Foo Bar and Another Value? For those who want a deeper explanation of how this works, here's an explanation from user ephemient :. Then, you use a language-specific mechanism to extract the matched text. Lets see two efficient ways that deal with escaped quotes. These patterns are not designed to be concise nor aesthetic, but to be efficient. These ways use the first character discrimination to quickly find quotes in the string without the cost of an alternation.

Extract only text between quotes of a string

The idea is to discard quickly characters that are not quotes without to test the two branches of the alternation. You can choose too that a quoted part can be an opening quote until the next non-escaped quote or the end of the string. In this case there is no need to use possessive quantifiers, you only need to make the last quote optional. Notice: sometimes quotes are not escaped with a backslash but by repeating the quote.

The patterns avoid the use of a capture group and a backreference I mean something like ["'] The way this pattern is written is totally "hand-driven" and doesn't take account of eventual engine internal optimizations. Peculiarly, none of these answers produce a regex where the returned match is the text inside the quotes, which is what is asked for. MA-Madden tries but only gets the inside match as a captured group rather than the whole match.

One way to actually do it would be :. The key here is the the positive lookbehind at the start the? The lookbehind is looking behind the current character to check for a quote, if found then start from there and then the lookahead is checking the character ahead for a quote and if found stop on that character.

The lookbehind group the ["'] is wrapped in brackets to create a group for whichever quote was found at the start, this is then used at the end lookahead?

The only other complication is that because the lookahead doesn't actually consume the end quote, it will be found again by the starting lookbehind which causes text between ending and starting quotes on the same line to be matched.

The bit allowing escaped characters in the middle I've taken directly from Adam's answer. The RegEx of accepted answer returns the values including their sourrounding quotation marks: "Foo Bar" and "Another Value" as matches. Here are RegEx which return only the values between quotation marks as the questioner was asking for :.

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The pattern ["']? The pattern ". For instance it cannot capture many strings if needed I can provide an exhaustive test-case like the one below:. In my tests it covered every string I met but if you find something that doesn't work I would gladly update it for you.

Check my pattern in an online regex tester. TLDR; replace the word icon with what your looking for in said quotes and voila! The way this works is it looks for the keyword and doesn't care what else in between the quotes. I liked Eugen Mihailescu's solution to match the content between quotes whilst allowing to escape quotes. However, I discovered some problems with escaping and came up with the following regex to fix them:.

Demo with some more test-cases; feel free to use it and expand on it.This is a long page. It's sure to have typos and perhaps bugs. Will you do me a favor and report any typos or bugs you find? A Call to Help May I'm calling for your help to translate the examples provided to languages in which you are fluent see code translators needed.

regex between quotes without quotes

In advance, thank you. Please note that usually you will choose to perform only one of the six tasks in the code, so your own code will be much shorter. The Greatest Regex Trick Ever. Then split.

RegularExpressions; using System. Linq; using System. Add matchResult. Any Console. WriteLine "Yes" ; else Console. WriteLine group1Caps.

Value is the same as m. Value if m. Split replaced,"Superman" ; Console. WriteLine split ; Console. NET in ideone chokes on anonymous functions. Imports System. Success If MatchResult. Groups 1. Value "" Then Group1Caps. Add MatchResult. Any Then Console. WriteLine "Yes" Else Console. WriteLine Group1Caps.

Groups 0. Split replaced,"Superman" Console. WriteLine Split Next Console. Regex Humor.

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regex between quotes without quotes

Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How can I have the output of the following text only show the text in the quotes without the quotes?

Ideally I'd like to do it in a one liner if possible. I think it's regular expression with -match but I'm not sure. A concise solution based on. Regex ". Matches returns all of them. Value extracts them, and -replace '"' strips the " chars. This means that the above even works with multiple " Use of the -match operator - which only looks for a one match - is an option only if :.

It would be handy if -match had a variant named, say, -matchallso that one could write:. See this feature suggestion on GitHub. Learn more. Powershell - print only text between quotes? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 2 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 10k times. Sample text" this is an "apple".This post is a long-format reply to Jonathan Jordan's recent post. Jonathan's post was about the non-capturing backreference in Regular Expressions. He and I are both working a lot in Behatwhich relies heavily on regular expressions to map human-like sentences to PHP code.

One of the common patterns in that space is the quoted-string, which is a fantastic context in which to discuss the backreference and also introduce lookarounds. Please read hist post first, as from here on the tone and perspective of this post is reply-oriented. In Behat, this non-capturing groups is helpful to not pollute your step-definition arguments with certain groups that improve the usability of your step but don't change how it behaves.

For example, you can offer steps a choice between "click" and "press" with? But it's worth noting that what you're discussing here? It's a way to group things and tell the engine that you don't need to refer back to what was consumed by the group. Behat doesn't often use the real notion of backreferences: re-using the captured group as part of the matching requirements. You showed an example snippet used often in Behat's Mink extension:.

However, I think this pattern, while clean, is lackluster in that it doesn't support single quotes. What a great opportunity to explore how useful backreferences can be! Basically, we can use a capturing group's backreference to tell the Regex engine that a string should end with the same quote character that started it. This will feel a bit complicated at first, but we'll break it down.

The Greatest Regex Trick Ever

Here is my proposed replacement pattern:. Store that match in a way that I can reference later. Continue matching ANY characters Once you stop matching because the next character is followed by the ending quote, match that last character. This is our opening chunk, which essentially matches any single or double quote, unless that quote is preceded by a backslash.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. In the following script I would like to pull out text between the double quotes ".

However, the python interpreter is not happy and I can't figure out why Use search instead:. I guess you are getting AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group' from python: This is because you are assuming you will match without checking the return from re. You need re. Docs here. Use re. This assumes you don't have quotes within quotes, and your text doesn't mix quotes or use fancy quotes. Learn more. Python regex match text between quotes Ask Question.

regex between quotes without quotes

Asked 8 years, 2 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 29k times. Active Oldest Votes. Use search instead:! Douglas Leeder Douglas Leeder How can I check if they returned null or not?

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